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heart attacks, broken bones, and rapid weight gain, sounds like the consequences of neglecting your health, but a recent study by the FDA suggests that these side effects may be the result of treating diabetes type 2 (T-2) with Avandia? (Rosiglitazone) a drug prescribed for diabetics T-2 for eight years.

According to many health professionals and advocates for diabetics, prescription drugs alone can not be the best treatment for diabetes.

“Treating diabetes with drugs such as Avandia? may have hidden health costs, “said Ann-Marie Stephens, the co-founder of, a site diabetes education health.” Anyone who was recently diagnosed with glucose intolerance (pre-diabetes) or diabetes should consult their physician about the management of this disease with nutrition and exercise, or in conjunction with prescription drugs or without, “she said.

Most health professionals agree that

nutrition and exercise are crucial in the management of T-2 diabetes and reduce the risk of developing the disease. Studies have shown that diet and exercise have been effective in the management of diabetes in particular T-2 diabetes when overweight and / or obese to commit to weight loss. Reducing the fat waist of 5% to 10% will reduce your risk of developing T-2 diabetes by 25%.

“Thirty minutes of moderate exercise can go a long way in our journey to winning the war against diabetes,” said Stephens. “But nutrition is also an important part of the equation when recovering our health. Avoid refined sugar, too much fatty foods and alcohol are the first steps you can take tiny.”


Free, LLC agrees with nutritionists who suggest a meal plan filled with whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is the foundation of a healthy diet can effectively help battle diabetes.

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ImTypeFree founders, Ann-Marie and Ed Stephens have had many close family members affected by diabetes. They began developing the site in 2006 in response to feedback from family members “that obtaining easily accessible, yet comprehensive, information about the disease is difficult. Ann-Marie is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and worked as a senior executive at Circuit City Stores, Frito-Lay and Procter and Gamble. Ed has a background in scientific research and product development for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Avon Products, the company Drackett, and Frito-Lay. The couple lives in Richmond, VA with their two son.

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