When BB King was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in his 60’s he decided to take action. Since he had already had the disease he was beyond pre diabetes symptoms. But as soon as he was diagnosed he did not waste any time and began doing what was necessary to prevent his diabetic condition to worsen.

He began to read about diabetes and learn as much as he could about the disease. He learned that he could test himself for blood sugar and then take his oral medication he and by doing so take control of it.

He is now eighty-six years old and still going strong. He is still “King of the Blues” and possibly the most successful blues guitarist of all times.

Both his mother and father had diabetes. Although his father lived to be 87 and had high blood sugar and gout his mother died when he was 9. BB said that he thought she had gone blind before she died. Back then they didn’t know about pre diabetes symptoms or even what pre diabetes symptoms were.

You see, he grew up out in the country in Mississippi. He traveled from town to town as a child preforming for dimes. As we all know this was just the beginning for one of the most famous blues artists of our time. But back then he was just a country boy.

Most of the time he says that he really doesn’t even know that he has diabetes. When he is performing there is always a glass of juice on stage just in case his blood sugar goes low. But he says that he has never gone low yet.

One thing BB King does is get the message out about diabetes and pre diabetes symptoms. He tries to encourage people who might have pre diabetes symptoms to seek medical advice and for those who have pre diabetes symptoms to follow medical advice. He just wants to help everyone learn the truth about diabetes and that it can be treated successfully.

One thing he does say is that a pre diabetes diet is the best thing to go with. It is the easiest way to deal with “pre diabetes symptoms” and even reverse diabetes. But you must not cheat and eat foods that are on the no recommend list. He does keep his diabetes monitored.

With his rigorous travel schedule it does make it difficult for him to maintain a good well balanced diet. Breakfast might be at noon and then dinner late in the day. He in general avoids carbohydrates and refined sugar. Now he never drinks processed fruit drinks and sodas. He prefers to make his own from fresh fruits.

Even being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and in his 80’s he is still going strong and supporting the diabetes cause.