Diabetes is a disease that affects a lot of people of all ages. There are two classifications of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is predominantly hereditary and genetic. Type 2 is generally a consequence of lifestyle and environmental factors. While the disease is not always escapable, for the most part it can be repelled for quite some time. One of the best ways to get as much control over the disease as possible is to learn how to recognize the major diabetes symptoms. Once you know how to identify the major symptoms of this disorder you stand a better chance of controlling it and not letting it affect your life in any major way.

One of the most obvious signs of diabetes is fatigue. Yes, fatigue is a symptom of a range of different issues.

Occasionally it could be a sign of a major illness. Other times it simply means that you need to get more sleep at night. When it is being caused by diabetes however, the fatigue is extreme. Someone having to manage this type of tiredness probably gets more than enough sleep at night and, even if they are not very active, will often times feel totally drained. This is the kind of sleepiness that is often associated with mononucleosis and can be just as much of a hindrance. Keep track of your energy levels. If you don’t see any reason why you’re feeling so dang tired, consult your medical professional and see if they’ll do some testing.

Blurry vision is another prominent symptom of diabetes. This is a difficult symptom to see in another person. If this is something that happens to you it is usually a sign that your body is having difficulty with insulin and you should be tested for diabetes. Have you ever heard of the term Hyperosmolar hyperglycemia nonketotic syndrome, it’s just the medical term for diabetes. This occurs when the fluid around the lenses of your eyes in the tissue there is drawn out. Your eyes will have a more difficult time focusing. You might also need to consult your eye doctor becuase you might just need a new pair of glasses. On the other hand if it is only from time to time or intermittently you should talk to your doctor about diabetes testing.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you have suddent unexplained bouts of syncope? These symptoms may indicate you have diabetes. This disease affects your body’s ability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. Fainting can be experienced when the body’s blood sugar levels fluctuate uncontrollably before diagnosis. Your well being depends heavily on you knowing what to do when you experience these symptoms especially if your energy levels are fluctuating along with them, see your doctor now. It could be that you have hypoglycemia. A few unlucky suspects will require insulin treatment to regulate blood. Your physician is the only one who can determine for sure what is happening.

Diabetes is very difficult to diagnose. This is on account of many of the warning signs mimicking the warning signs of other illnesses, as well. The most direct symptoms can only be found after extensive testing. Still, there are physical signs and diabetes symptoms that you should be looking for. Diabetes is a serious illness, especially if it isn’t properly treated. The correct remedy depends on a real diagnosis. So, if you see that your body is a little out of whack, you should discuss it with your medical professional. What you think is a cold might instead be diabetes.

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