According to estimates and recently released figures showing that US $ 26 million are living with diabetes, with another 79 million people with what is known as pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is where blood sugar levels are above normal but not high enough to be considered diabetes.

As the 7th leading cause of death to the United States, people with diabetes are also more at risk of heart disease, hypertension, renal failure, blindness and the loss, through amputation, foot or leg.

According to experts, there are 2 major reason type diabetes is on the rise; weight gain. The number of adults overweight or are obese increased dramatically over the years, and there is little doubt that higher rates of obesity are related to the rise in diabetes.

But there is more history.

Recently the American Diabetes Association (ADA) amended guidelines for diagnosis of diabetes, and this may be part of the reason for the increase in frequency. The change in the criteria of the ADA since last year has introduced a significant increase in the number of patients considered diabetic. Change remains controversial.

This switch to the supported ADA Hemoglobin A1C test that measures the blood glucose levels over a period of 2 to 3 months may be responsible for the increase in the number. The obesity epidemic has also certainly played a role, but experts stress that improvements in the management of diabetes means that more patients are living longer, and this raises the total number of affected persons.

Important understand in terms of costs – new drugs developed diabetes are much more expensive, often as much as 10 times the price of older drugs. For diagnosis at a young age, it is more likely that they’ll need eventually several drugs (which leads costs) or treat the complications of the disease.

Another fact of surprising diabetes is that 27% of Americans don’t even know that they have diabetes. It is disturbing because doctors are aware that to escape some of the nasty complications of untreated, kidney damage and blindness, diabetes disease management is therefore essential.

Your doctor will tell you also, to prevent diabetes, you need to seriously examine your weight and lose what you should be in a more healthy category. Being more active is also a key element.

If things continue to trend, one in three American adults may have diabetes by 2050. How can you be sure that you are not one of that number?

1 Watch your weight.
2 Eat healthily
3 Be active
4 Control your blood pressure or cholesterol

All within your control. But you have to start now avoid becoming one of the people with diabetes.

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