We become what we eat.

People living in non-developed countries rarely develop fatal diseases that become us in Western civilization the prey. The incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and diabetes is minimal in third world countries. Teams of scientists and microbiologists sought the answer – and they are: in the West, we become what we eat.

He probably began more than 100 years in the industrial revolution. “The change in the Western diet has been slow but rear while no one could see the result would be. Western culture is now an overweight and in so many cases-obese!

Government figures indicate that about 1/3 of Americans are overweight, and of these, 60% are obese. Being an overweight, obesity, is one of the many factors leading to a diagnosis of diabetes.

According to the scientific community, a person becomes overweight due to negligent food habits. And in this case, the villain is sugar and starches (carbohydrates).

The human body have to a certain quantity of sugar, but not massive amounts that some tend to consume. As the digestion of food it ends finally by in the bloodstream. (Gland) pancreas produces insulin, which metabolizes the sugar and starches into glucose. This substance is the fuel that keeps our engine. Glucose gives energy to the cells of our muscles and other body tissues.

It is a normal body function, but excessive amounts of glucose cause one of the two different problems: pancreatic insulin production stops when he is severely overloaded with sugar (Type 1 diabetes). And sometimes the pancreas produce as much insulin is required or the cells of the body simply refuse to accept the sugar metabolized (Type 2 diabetes).

Pre-diabetes is a condition when blood glucose is above normal, and if left unchecked, will develop in chronic diabetes. Since this condition has been identified, response of medical science was to experiment with different drugs and to provide insulin injections to manage sugar overload. These two steps are merely treat the symptoms of diabetes and not the cause.

Exciting progress was made in the study of diabetic. What is clear, is that if the individual to reduce the sources of sugar and starches (which are processed into sugar), sugar in the blood/blood sugar back to normal.

Many diabetic patients or prédiabétiques have been pressed to adopt a strict no sugar, diet low carbohydrate content. Notice that I said “urged.” People be forced on a diet because as soon as they are themselves, they tend to violate the diet.

Dr. Richard Bernstein was only 12 years old when he was placed on insulin. Recently, the National Institutes of Health he quoted as saying: “how long can we as a profession afford to keep our head in the sand regarding the benefits of a diet low carbohydrate diabetic.”

If you have been diagnosed with chronic diabetes or pre – there are three steps that you must take immediate:

1. Do not sugar add everything you eat. Read the labels on processed food products you buy. Check on the carbohydrates and sugars in the product. Avoid any product with more than just a few grams of sugar.

2 Start a low-carbohydrate diet. Avoid “white food” as the potatoes (which includes fries), white rice and any product such as bread made of white flour.

3 Exercise on a regular basis. If you cannot do in the gym, then fast walking is the perfect substitute.

Check with your health care provider. If he is in disagreement with these basic steps, get a second opinion.

If you are seriously in the fight against your problem with high blood sugar, you will need a specific plan to follow. The link below will give you access to a free video report based on a set of scientific facts. Thousands of people do normal you are now living a normal life, because they have learned in the fight against this dreaded disease. See for yourself ==> more Information is here!