Diabetics beware- there’s a lot of hidden dangers in our food world. There are some foods that you should never, ever eat, diabetics, due to their low nutritional value. One coming food even makes it harder to control blood sugar! Keep reading to be informed about what foods you shouldn’t eat.

1. Restaurant French Fries: Chock-full of saturated fat, calories, and other nutritional dangers. P.S. Trans-fat free doesn’t mean healthy. Think twice before getting these. Brace yourself- they’re full of cholesterol too.

2. Hamburgers: Loaded with fat and calories, this unhealthy meat has all the stuff to make blood sugar management difficult. Brace yourself. And if you really are in the mood for a burger, just get veggies on it and NO CHEESE.

Number Three: Store-bought Cookies: Buying, opposed to making, cookies can be a very unhealthy choice. Trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated corn oils aren’t something you’d find in Grandma’s cookies.

AVOID: Cakes and Pies: Okay, okay, we all know that there’s virtually no nutritional value in unhealthy sweets. Fats and calories are abundant in all cakes and pies, especially mixes. If you’ve got to have cake, make sure it’s not pound cake. That’s the worst.

5. Frozen meals: Convenient but oh-so-unhealthy. Things like potpies and TV dinners have such high sodium content and fats can make them opposite of healthy. Make sure any frozen meals that you do get have decent calorie and fat levels.

Number Six: Soda: While some sodas actually contain some nutrition, it sunk in the pools of high fructose corn syrup. If you really need soda, make it diet. Artificial sweeteners are at least a little better than sugar.

You as a diabetic should know that foods in this world can make management of blood sugar harder than it already is. Be on the lookout for more foods that you shouldn’t eat, and try to avoid the above list as much as possible.

For extra tidbits on diabetes and food to eat and avoid, visit the American Diabetes Association’s homepage at American Diabetes Association. To easily find diabetic recipes that are both delicious and nutritious, visit Diabetic Recipes any time at all!