The good news for people with hypoglycemia, or pre-diabetic state, is that specific foods, plus a healthy diet to help stabilize blood sugar. This is the tasty way to prevent diabetes.

Let us first because food is essential. For a couple of “good” foods in a diet otherwise neglected, probably will not improve your condition. However, a healthy diabetic diet can bring joy into your life … and stabilize blood sugar.

It is important to eat regular meals and business moderate. Do not skip meals. Make sure you eat enough protein and lots of vegetables. Eat several times a day of whole grains, not refined, but otherwise limit carbohydrates, including fruit. Please the temperate fruits such as apples, pears or strawberries in moderation. But avoid fruit juices and fresh tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

with carbohydrates, the key is in everything and rarely used as wild rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat. intact grains take longer to digest which makes bread, pasta, rice cakes, and breakfast cereals and baked goods. You can determine yourself. Compare how “full” feels an hour after a meal with buckwheat compared to a meal with pasta.

Because it can contribute to imbalances in blood sugar, diet reduces healing: alcohol, caffeine, juice, cereal sweeteners and refined and common . Also, keep in mind that contributes to the emotional, mental and physical in your life and make the necessary adjustments to support a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy regular exercise and adequate sleep. These foods specifically help regulate blood sugar and are therefore good for people with hypoglycemia and diabetes diet

bitter melon as its name suggests, the bitter taste of bitter melon, is not, however, a melon. This is a summer squash similar in size and shape of cucumber, but with the color of skin and flesh pale jade. Bitter melon has a peak of LSD. It is a traditional remedy for diabetes throughout the Far East. In clinical trials, bitter melon inhibits glucose absorption, increases the flow of insulin and has similar effects to insulin. It is available in Asia and farmers’ markets and in supplement form. Asian bitter melon recipes using salt to remove the bitter taste of vegetables.


a popular spice throughout the Middle East and India, this legume is a common ingredient of curry. Fenugreek is smaller than a grain of mustard yellow wheat, in color and irregularly shaped. Helps regulate blood sugar levels in non-insulin-dependent diabetics. Take advantage of fenugreek as a tea or a spice. Or small seeds grow and replace alfalfa sprouts in salads and sandwiches.

South American herb stevia 30 times sweeter than sugar, stevia helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. It also removes the dental bacteria and reduces mental and physical fatigue. I find it easier to use stevia as a sweetener in beverages. It is available in health food stores in many forms. It is healthier as a short grass, not when he perfected his in a liquid extract or mixed with other sweeteners.

sunflower family ROOTS roots of the sunflower family contains inulin, a natural fructose that helps diabetics lower their blood sugar levels. These include burdock, dandelion, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, salsify and salsify. Burdock and Jerusalem artichokes are available in the produce section of most health food stores. You can find burdock, chicory and dandelion as dried herbs or tinctures. Salsify and Scorzonera are available from time to time with or imported products are easy to grow in your garden. And, in temperate regions may forage for dandelion chicory, Jerusalem artichokes and salsify root.

Family onion

All family members of the onion to help regulate blood sugar so that the daily use and abandonment. They are garlic, leeks, onions, ramps and chives. You might also consider with the garlic powder is available in many forms.

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