You might think that going organic if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes is high. After all, fruits and vegetables are truly among the best sources of nutrients for the health situation. Some, however, are not very recommended for consumption by an individual pre-diabetic.

Pre-diabetes is a medical condition that is prior to the diabetes itself. It is characterized by a high glucose level. Medical care are needed to prevent it from worsening and becoming diabetic. In an individual suffering from that condition must be very careful about what they eat. There are some healthy foods that are not recommended for diabetics to eat pre. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided at any time, they produce cravings and to initiate a weight gain Examples of simple carbohydrates are:

– The table sugar and honey

– Biscuits, cakes, puddings and some

– Chocolate, candy and caramel

– Jam and fudge

– Mint and candy

– Soft drinks and pickles


composed mainly of simple carbohydrates are:

– Apples

– dark berries and cassis

– cherries and cranberries

– grapefruit and kiwi

– Melon, oranges and peaches

– plum, raspberries and strawberries


with Simple carbs are inherently dangerous to the health of a person with a high glucose. The fruits found above can be consumed by an individual pre-diabetic, but at a minimum. Fruits containing more than simple carbohydrates do not necessarily create envy, but they still contain sugar. And this sugar is pre diabetic patients should avoid.

Include in

complex carbohydrates instead. They are less likely to produce weight gain and food cravings. Complex carbohydrates increase the level of energy, and this is very good for health maintenance. They help the body use most of its stored fat and energy, and are less likely to raise blood sugar levels. is the best place for diabetic supplies, diabetes information, diabetes types, forums diabetes. Visit us today for two free Ebooks diabetes!

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