To prevent the progression to diabetes, diabetes diet pre with proper exercise can help you deal with the current state. Pre-diabetes is a preliminary step of type 2 diabetes, where there are high levels of blood glucose, but not so high to be considered diabetes. However, pre-diabetes should be treated to prevent type 2 diabetes.

What should you do to make your diabetes diet pre-effective? The main goal of any diabetes diet is to help control the level of blood sugar to go too high or too low. Levels should be as close as possible to the normal range. Here are some important points you need to remember with regard to your diet:

1. Choose complex carbohydrates, which can be found in whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice and other whole grain products. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and can provide a more stable source of energy. On the other hand, try to reduce your intake of foods containing simple carbohydrates such as refined sugar because they can make you gain weight. 2. Substitute beans for meat. Beans are a good source of as much protein as meat is. There are several types of beans and legumes such as chickpeas available, lentils, kidney beans, or pinto beans.

3. Eat fish that are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as tuna or salmon. You should take two to three times each week for a good amount of these essential fatty acids.

4. Fill up on fruits and vegetables, which are a good source of fiber and other vitamins and minerals. You can eat fruit at breakfast or snack (plain or with low fat yogurt). Vegetables, especially green, are also ideal to eat, so eat more broccoli, carrots and spinach.

5. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas, because they would not help stabilize your blood sugar due to the refined sugar they contain.

If you want to prevent type 2 diabetes, then you should keep these important points about the diet of diabetes mellitus in mind and exercise regularly. This way, you not only avoid the risk, but you also help your body achieve better health.

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