Although it is a well-known fact that diabetics should keep an eye on what they eat up, that does not imply that they should only take three light meals per day. Noshing is significant for diabetics, particularly since they need maintenance medications that lower blood sugar levels. So, it is likely that their blood glucose levels will waver throughout the day, so it is essential to keep these stable by eating up healthy snacks every so often. But the query is, what are the snacks that you can eat as a diabetic?

Broadly speaking, diabetic snacks should consist of high-fiber and low-calorie snacks. Foods that are highly processed and extremely sugary should be avoided, as this can only result to rapid increase in blood sugar levels that will break up after a while. This can lead to further cravings, and as a diabetic, you do not wish to overeat.

You should also pay care to the amount of food that you take as snacks since you need to deal with your food intake. A great manner to curb your snacks and to make sure that you are clinging to your diabetes diet plan is to plate your snacks. Grab a bag of chips, put a tiny portion in a plate, then close the bag. This way, you can still consume in moderation, and simultaneously satisfy your cravings. If you have a single-serve bag, then that is an ideal alternative for snacking.

Diabetics can have a variation of snacks in their diabetic food list. You can indulge on nuts, such as cashew, walnuts, and almonds. These are rich in “good” fat and protein, which do not speedily increase one’s blood sugar levels. An oz. of these nuts is adequate for a single serving since they are in general high in calories.

Nibbling on raw veggies is besides a great way of noshing for diabetics. You can even dip them in a light salad dressing or yogurt for a heart-healthy but satisfying snack.

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