My name is Charles and I am writing this blog about a pre diabetes diet because in July of 2010 my wife was diagnosed with diabetes. This was a shock to both her and me.

She was determined not to have the disease and so began her mission to prevent any further diagnoses with symptoms of it. And she did! I have been with her and watched her transform her life from that very moment until this day.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. We were in Albuquerque, New Mexico in old town. She got a call from her physician. He told her she needed to come see him as soon as possible because she needed to begin taking insulin for the diabetes she was diagnosed with. She was going to have nothing to do with that.

Since she did not have her computer with her research was not going to be easy. But she did have her iPhone. She almost from the moment of hearing from the doctor began researching the subject. I drove and she surfed the iPhone. Once we left mom’s in Albuquerque, we headed to Fort Worth, Texas to see our oldest son and his family. Then on to San Antonio. By the time we got to Fort Worth she had a pretty good idea about what she was going to have to do.

It was early into her research that she realized that diet appeared to be the very best way to deal with the disease. She was going to have to completely change her eating habits. This was not necessarily going to be easy to do but to be successful it had to be done. So began her pre diabetes diet.

Penny is a very determined lady. It was that she was going to have to for go carbohydrates and sweets, two foods she and I really enjoyed. But it had to be done.

Soon she was figuring out what she could eat and what she could not eat. When dining at home she prepared and still prepares meals that are virtually carbohydrate free and no sweets. (she still sees that i get some even I don’t crave nor need them)

Amazingly we have found that most all restaurants have and will serve substitutes for potatoes, rice and any other carb rich foods. It is something that most people probably are not aware of.

It is for these reasons that I am writing this blog and providing this information for those who care to deal with their diabetes in a dietetic way.

Oh yes, she has not since that first day had any symptoms of diabetes. But she has been vigilant about what she eats because she does not, or says she will not take insulin injections.

One side effect is this: My gorgeous wife has lost fifty pounds. I kept telling our friends that Ii was loosing my loving one pound at a time. But now, I call her my Trophy Wife.

This path to staying free of diabetes is not for everyone. But for most of you who have been diagnosed as having diabetes a pre diabetes diet will work. It will prevent you from having to take insulin shots and dealing with the disease. By preparing and eating a pre diabetes diet you will always be in the pre diabetes stage. You will not have diabetes.

Penny can tell you from her point of view it is the very best way to deal with the situation.  All it takes is desire and determination and diet!