Did you ever wonder how a low carbohydrate diet was discovered,the type of diet that could be used in a pre diabetes diet? The other day I was reading a low carb article, I do read a lot of them because my wife is following a pre diabetes diet to prevent diabetes, and came across  this bit of history. It was about an explorer who was living with the Inuit Indians.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson, a Canadian born explorer, was the first to describe the no carb diet. While living with the Inuit’s he soon realized that their meals consisted of 90 per cent meat and fish including fats and limited starches. Of course during this time he was eating the same foods. He also noticed that during the winter months their diet was almost one hundred percent meat. By eating like this he found that he was much more healthy.

Critics have suggested that since both of Stevansson’s parents were from Iceland there was some genetic link to the Inuit people and so he must be genetically predisposed to thrive on this kind of diet. But then when they looked farther into it they found that when other explorers traveled along with him they too would thrive on this same type of diet. Just a little history.

The pre diabetes diet or no carb diet is basically an extremely low carb diet. It is they only way to prevent diabetes when diagnosed with pre diabetes symptoms. When it comes to diabetes and symptoms of diabetes meals high in protein and low in carbohydrates seem to go a long way in preventing diabetes. You are going to find that different people will interpret this in different ways.

It has been said that if the foods for diabetics are not found in food pyramid under carbohydrates then they are a no carb food. Even with this in mind it still allows for high carbohydrate foods such as bananas and potatoes to be consumed which is taboo as a diabetic food. It seems a little out of line to call these no carb diets.

Following a diabetic diet plan one that includes no carbohydrates, a person would eat unlimited quantities of meat, fish, eggs and butter. When considering foods for diabetics the ony dairy product is cheese. All others are not to be allowed. Vegetable oils might be allowed in a diabetic meal plan, since they contain no carbohydrates.

Some vegetables, the green type can be used when creating diabetic recipes. It generally means the green leafy type vegetables. If you choose to have a steak and salad it is a perfect setting and to think its how to prevent diabetes.

If you really want to help yourself while developing recipes for diabetics you must keep this in mind. The food that the Intuit and Steffansson were eating was grown organically, it was from wildlife. Chemical farming had barely begun in the early 20th century, and certainly had not reached the polar regions. At any rate it is better if you can find organically grown food when you are planning your pre diabetes diet. Generally it is going to be more expensive when planning your diabetes diet if you choose to use organically grown meat and vegetables.

When your diabetic diet consists of regular non-organic meat from the supermarket, you are likely to miss out on some nutrients of organically grown food. You will also be taking in hormones and chemicals that might make it harder for your body to continue with a type ii pre diabetes diet. If you are going organic be prepared to pay for it.

The medical knowledge is still not complete on the no carb diabetes diet. Some studies have found that cholesterol and fatty deposits in the arteries are actually reduced when on a diabetic diet plan. But some studies have indicated that the heart is less energetic and may even become weaker.

It is important to be sure not to eat too much protein, because this may be bad for the kidneys. A high proportion of daily calories will come from fat on the no carb diabetes diet.

At the same time it is a must that you drink a lot of water. The general rule is to drink eight twelve ounce glasses or twelve eight ounce glasses. Once again there is a risk of kidney damage if you do not consume enough water.

Reading about these no carb diabetes diets is fascinating. However, it can be difficult to incorporate them into our everyday lives. When planning a “pre diabetes diet” a good diet to look into is the Adkins Diet you will just need to watch the carbs and adjust your diet for them.

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