If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes symptoms then you have two choices, either take insulin, or begin a pre diabetes diet. Taking insulin will guarantee that you will always have to take it. Also taking insulin is not the way to prevent diabetes and it will guarantee that you will always have the disease.

It has been found that if you want to prevent diabetes by diet you must change your diet to a low carbohydrate pre diabetes diet. By doing so you can reverse the symptoms of diabetes. When you begin eating diabetic foods it is quite possible, and maybe even probable, that you will diminish or eliminate all your pre diabetes symptoms. That is what my precisely wife decided to do.

I can tell you for a fact that a pre diabetes diet will work! When Penny was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes symptoms, which came as a shock to both her and to me, she decided that she would deal with it using diet and other natural methods. She was “not” going to take insulin injections nor was she going to have anything to do with the Doctors medical recommendations.

She immediately took control and began to research pre diabetes symptoms. With perseverance and determination on her part she has been successful within six weeks and to this day her blood tests no longer show any diabetic symptoms they are all completely normal. She also lost fifty pounds something she had been trying to do for the past ten years. I now call her my “trophy” wife.

She looked at how to prevent diabetes, living with diabetes and diabetes management. The question basically came down to diet. What types of foods were suggested for pre diabetics? Food was soon at the top of the list in her research. The next thing was taking natural supplements that work in conjunction with her pre diabetes diet plan. The list goes on and on and she spent hours researching the subject of living with diabetes. I’m telling you right now she was not going to take insulin as a pre diabetic solution.

Here is what she came up with. The primary cause of diabetes is aging and weight gain. These two things can cause your body to produce less and less insulin until it goes into a prediabetes stage. She also learned that it is possible that during these pre diabetes symptoms if a person changed their diet to a pre diabetes diet, they could possibly even prevent diabetes.

Now with this in mind her journey began. What a journey it has been. First she began to looking into what was involved in a diabetes nutrition, this to see if she could find foods and begin to eat properly. Now with all the diabetes information out there she was soon to find that it is not as difficult as she thought it would be. There are many so called diets for diabetics. The problem she was finding with most of them is that they contained too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the main causes of type ii diabetes.

In order to find the basic and general foods for diabetics she soon figured out that she was going to have to improvise and create her own pre diabetes diet menu. But she was and still is continually looking for different foods that she can incorporate into her diabetes diet.

In fact she just came to me the other day all excited with some snacks. One was Real Italian Ice no sugar added and the other was PhillySwirl Sweet Delites both sugar free and she found them at Wal Mart.

During the course of a pre diabetes diet you will be mainly be eating nuts, greens, and meats. You must not eat any starches or sugars nor consume alcohol. Creating diabetes recipes can be fun and they will prove to be interesting. I actually find it fascinating how creative my wife has become with her abilities to create a diabetes meal plan. And, she does this on a regular basis. Food for diabetics is just like food for everyone else only leaving out some of the types of food (food with carbs) you will be eating.

Drinks might be a little more difficult to change. But it must be done if you want to stay with your diabetic diet plan. You will not be able to drink sugared soft drinks. Alcohol is taboo, well maybe a little wine with a meal once in awhile is ok but keep it moderate and not too often.

This also means that you will have to fore go fruit juices and fruit drinks. Read the labels on the products to determine the amount of sugar they have. Some good drinks are mineral waters, La Trois or club soda. The La Trois drinks are slightly flavored waters. A drink that she tends to drink the most is a mineral water called Topo Chico, a drink from Mexico. It too can be found in Wal Mart and in Target.

If you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes symptoms and want to deal with it naturally you will need to create a pre diabetes diet plan. In doing this you will have to research foods for diabetics and find those that fit well within your lifestyle. The Book How to Reverse Diabetes Now is a good place to begin you pre diabetes prevention journey.

Whatever you do, keep a positive attitude take due diligence in your quest and I am sure you will be able to help yourself go a long way in learning how to prevent diabetes and creating a “pre diabetes diet” plan that will be just right for you.