An estimated one third of the people living with diabetes or pre diabetes symptoms don’t even know they have the disease. In order to control diabetes early detection is essential so that one can begin a pre diabetes diet. The first line of defense to remaining undiabetic is knowing the family history of diabetes. Knowing this and the risk level is imperative.

Famous blues legend BB King was diagnosed with diabetes in his early 60’s. Had he been aware of the fact that he had a family history of type 2 diabetes he could have detected his diabetes during the pre diabetes symptoms. The deaths of his mother, father, sister and a niece were all due to diabetes and failure to treat it properly.

Some pre diabetes symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent need to urinate and blurry vision. The onset of this is early on in ones life for type 1 diabetes but for type 2 diabetes it is quite different. Because it can often be a gradual development in the body it is much more difficult for a person to detect.

Knowing that you have a family history of diabetes is one reason for having regular checkups to test for pre diabetes symptoms. If you are overweight or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above you should go see your doctor and have blood tests to make sure your  blood sugar level is at its proper level.

Some other symptoms of diabetes are tingly hands and fingers or tingly feet. You might also be experiencing sores that will not heal. Any of these symptoms are cause for concern and you to need medical advice.

So to recap pre diabetes symptoms: If you have a family history of diabetes you certainly should have regular or yearly checkups. If you begin to experience excessive thirst or are urinating more frequently than usual you should go see your doctor. If your vision becomes blurry or you are experiencing excessive fatigue these are signs that you should not ignore,

If your hands, fingers, feet and or toes become tingly quite often these too are signs of “pre diabetes symptoms”. Or if you get sores on your legs, feet or hands that just don’t seem to heal they too, are signs that can lead to type ii diabetes.

Be sure you see your doctor and have regular checkups and that your checkups test for pre diabetes symptoms. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes you can begin a pre diabetes diet that will often times prevent the onset of full blown type 2 diabetes and maybe even reverse pre diabetes symptoms.