You may have Pre Diabetes Symptoms and not even know it. There are an estimated 57 million Americans who have pre diabetes symptoms. This is caused by lack of exercise, poor eating habits and a family history of diabetes. Between the years of 2005 and 2007 diabetes has increased by 14%.

We as Americans are all about the numbers, how much money we have, how much do we weigh and any number of other questions that have to do with numbers. As far as diabetes in this country go here are some staggering figures.

The population of the United States is approximately 300,000,000 people.  Out of this population of three hundred million there are 23.7 million that have been diagnosed with diabetes and another estimated 57 million who may have pre diabetes symptoms. This is a staggering number of people how are diagnosed with the disease or who may wind up getting it.

The cost of treatment for diabetes is around 174 billion, that’s billion, dollars. And in most cases this can be avoided if people will only change their lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Type II diabetes is, in many cases preventable. Through a proper pre diabetes diet and exercise you can reverse pre diabetes symptoms. This is all up to you. People who have been diagnosed with pre diabetes symptoms have for the most part chosen not to take care of themselves.

They have a horrible diet, they do not get enough exercise and they are inactive and usually overweight. By keeping this up they become a prime candidate for diabetes. In turn they are setting themselves up for a heart attack, blindness and kidney disease, they may even loose limbs do to poor circulation and these are just to name a few . The list goes on and on.

Inaction and choosing to do nothing will take multiple years off their lives. Do you want to see your children and your grand children grow up? If so then take action now. You can do so by proper diet, regular exercise, and have regular doctor checkups.

If you have been diagnosed with “pre diabetes symptoms” you can reverse them. First be sure you get regular checkups and blood tests to monitor your blood sugar. Then be sure you follow a good pre diabetes diet and exercise regularly.