Every third person in this world suffers from diabetes. It is a lifestyle disease spares no one, including children. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and type 2. The symptoms of diabetes mellitus are more or less the same in both types of diabetes. When the level of glucose in the body increases due to the reduction of insulin secretion, then a person is termed as diabetic. Here are some symptoms of diabetes mellitus that people suffer from:

– The food we eat into glucose forms circulating in our blood. Insulin helps transfer glucose into energy and transmits it to the cells. When it is reduced by insulin in the body of the glucose remains in the blood by increasing the level of sugar, there by depriving cells of energy. Due to lack of energy in the cells of the person feels tired and fatigued. – This is another common symptom that allows us to know that the blood sugar is high in the body. When insulin is less or not existing in the body of the glucose remains in the blood which often makes a person run to the bathroom to empty the bladder.

– the cells are starved of energy in the body leading to dehydration. Frequent travel further bathroom also add. Enough so you feel thirsty and drink water. • Weight Loss This is a sure sign of diabetes. Due to the fluctuation of water and glucose in the body, a person loses weight drastically.

. – If the person is highly diabetic eyes get affected

A diabetic is prone to infections and lack of vitality is often irritable.

is another symptom of diabetes mellitus. If a person suffers from more than three symptoms above pre diabetic so it is best to consult a doctor to start treatment.

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