Type 2 Diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke in this country and being diagnosed can feel like a life-sentence. But a Houston cardiologist says you can reverse Type Two Diabetes and heart disease if you´re willing to make some healthy changes.

In the United States, millions of people are living with pre diabetes symptoms or diabetes and don’t even know it. Pre-diabetic individuals have too much sugar in the blood, but not enough to be classified as a diabetic. The diabetes prevention diet has the ability to reverse and prevent the progression of diabetes as it promotes a relatively stable blood sugar.
Making bad dietary choices must be avoided simply because food is the main source of energy for the body. Therefore, gaining a clear understanding of nutrition and dietary prevention strategies is essential.
Arbitrarily, the most relevant goal of treating type 2 diabetes is to control blood sugar levels. More so, it is imperative that the blood sugar remains at acceptable ranges to avoid hyperglycemia (high) or hypoglycemia (low).

Pre-diabetics can prevent the development the type 2 diabetes if precautions are implemented and symptoms treated properly. More so, the individual must make lifestyle changes and increasing the level of physical activity. A good nutritional plan, to include natural diet and supplements are safe, effective, and non- toxic.
The American Diabetes Association provides information that identifies the risk of pre diabetes symptoms and what is necessary to stop the progression of diabetes all together. Making healthy food choices promotes a diabetes prevention diet that reduces the risk for further complications such as heart attack or stroke.
Having pre-diabetes gives you the opportunity to lose weight, and reverse high blood sugar levels. A diabetes diet consists of a variety of healthy foods that are goal-effective.

  • Vegetables and Fruits: be sure that they are non starchy veggies such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, or green beans
  • Whole Grain Foods: such as brown rice or whole wheat spaghetti
  • Dried Beans: such as kidney or pinto beans, lentils
  • Fish: 2- 3 times weekly
  • Lean Meats: such as cuts of beef or pork that end in loin- pork loin or sirloin and remove skin from chicken and turkey
  • Non-fat Dairy: such as skim milk, non- fat yogurt, and non- fat cheese
  • Liquid Oils: for cooking instead of solid fats, foods high in saturated or trans fat (which is high in calories)
  • Low Calories: cut back on high calorie snack foods such as chips, cookies, cakes, or full fat ice cream
  • Choose Water: or calorie free diet drinks instead of high calorie drinks

Along with your pre diabetes diet, include physical activity in your daily routine. Nutrition, diet, and exercise go hand in hand to prevent and reverse the effects of pre diabetes symptoms and “type 2 diabetes”.

A national awareness campaign was designed by the National Diabetes Education Program to target individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes. This campaign identifies specific lifestyle changes that are guaranteed to normalize blood sugar levels.

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