Good Type 2 diabetes diet is the perfect incorporation of planning meals, regular exercises, weight and blood sugar management. Type 2 diabetes is practically incurable, thus the only resort is to control symptoms like the diabetic amyotrophy and other effects of the disease by managing the level of glucose and healthy living. Diabetes is a disorder of the body’s metabolism wherein blood sugar is rendered unmanageable due to the lack or absence of insulin in the body. A glucose tolerance test will indicate your body’s reaction to glucose.

Maintaining the ideal weight is important factor in every Type 2 diabetes diet. This will facilitate the management of the sugar level in the blood since fat lipids are at a minimum. Obesity is considered to be a major factor in developing diabetes. Consistent exercise and low calorie foods are instrumental in losing weight. Regularly engaging in moderately strenuous activities like jogging and cycling is advised to those who need to lose weight. However, your doctors’ permission should still be secured as sweating and fat burning also have effects in the blood sugar level.

A large chunk of energy source should be coming from carbohydrates and not from proteins and fats. The glucose generated from carbohydrates is slowly absorbed and provides steady supply of energy. There are good and then there are bad carbohydrates. Sugars like glucose, lactose, sucrose and fructose are examples of bad carbohydrates found in refined sugar and in sweet fruits. The good complex carbs are found in vegetables, beans, nuts and wholes grains. Eating the right amount of carbohydrates is essential to a Type 2 diabetic diet. Eating too little or too much will greatly affect the level of the blood sugar.

These are some low calorie foods that are also good for a Type 2 diabetes diet:

1. Whole grains like oats and wheat are rich in soluble fibers necessary in maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar level. Choose bread, pastries and other product from whole grains.

2. Bean and legumes – These demi-vegetables are high in proteins and good carbs without the fat, making them the ideal meat substitute. Beans can se served in chillies, salads and other dishes.

3. Fish – Fish have the right kind of fat needed by the body, most especially the heart. Omega3 is primarily found in fatty fishes like tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, cod, herring and trout.

4. Nuts – Nuts are natural source of monounsaturated fat or the healthy fat and magnesium which is also a preventive mineral for diabetes.

5. Vegetables – Broccoli and other vegetables like spinach, lettuce, peppers and mushrooms are high in soluble fibers, good carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals without the fat. Patients on Type 2 diabetes diet can eat as much vegetables as they like.

6. Yogurt – Non-fat yogurt is another healthy source of good carbs, protein and calcium.

Eating the right food is not enough. Anyone maintaining a Type 2 diabetes diet should also know that eating at the right time, with the right amount is as important. This is to regulate the foods effect to the blood sugar level. One also should take into consideration the intended activities in planning the meal. Symptoms are generally manageable by maintaining a good Type 2 diabetes diet, but insulin shots are always handy in dire needs.

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