I’m sure you already know the fact that by being overweight, you increase your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes dramatically. You also know that it’s not just a few extra pounds we’re talking about here; we’re saying that it’s about more than 20 pounds. In other words we are talking about being obese. Exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight and reduce the odds of being diagnosed with diabetes. Exercise is essential for diabetics. It is our hope that we can assist you to achieve rapid weight loss to control your blood sugar.

Although Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented exercise is a unparalleled way to help control insulin sensitivity throughout the body. The exertion done through exercise makes the muscles more efficient in burning glucose. But a great side effect of the exercise will cause your metabolism to speed up, which in turn will burn calories thus helping your body to shed those extra pounds.

You should know that even though Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented, it is possible to prevent Type 2. One of the first steps you must take to prevent it is commence a weight loss program that combines exercise and healthy eating. The next step would be to make use of the proper vitamins and herbal supplements to reduce sensitivity to insulin and help you keep a healthy weight. You may also want to consider healthy dinners to lose weight.

Recent research have shown that a daily 30-minute walk can significantly reduce the risks that an overweight person will develop Type 2 Diabetes. The natural swing of the legs and arms help in increasing the circulation to the lungs and heart. In turn, this decreases the possibility of heart disease and helps in avoiding loss of circulation in the lower extremities. Diabetes has this nasty side effect.

Diabetics and overweight people often suffer from high blood pressure. As you know, this makes the blood vessels shrink and hampers the flow of blood to the body’s extremities, especially the lower ones. Exercise decreases blood pressure and opens up blood vessels. Thus increasing the blood flow to the lower extremities; which then protects the feet and toes of a diabetic or overweight person from being damaged terribly.

This will not happen overnight, however, and it is imperative in your efforts to lose weight and control/prevent diabetes. Since you need to exercise on a daily basis, some dangers may be brought to the surface. In order to stay safe, you need to be informed about these dangers.

You need to watch out if you are diabetic or borderline diabetic since exercise will lower levels of blood sugar and may cause you to be hypoglycemic. If you usually exercise alone, keep candies or juices nearby to help bring back your sugar level quickly.

Monitor closely your physical feelings during exercise and after. If you’re feeling drained and weak or have sudden hunger pangs, it could be possible that your blood sugar levels have gone down below the safe level. Eat a candy bar or drink juice.

Weight Management and exercise for diabetics go hand in hand. It is important you work with your doctor or other professional health provider to make sure you are doing things right. You can control both losing weight and diabetes, don’t let them control you.

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