There are certain important facts about diabetes that you should know about. But sadly many people don’t know these facts. First things first, people who suffer from diabetes are of two categories all the time. There are those who could have done something about it, and those who couldn’t have. Ask yourself: which one are you? The answer to that question should guide how you educate the next generation.

People who suffer from diabetes have their pancreases producing insufficient amounts of insulin. This does not sound like a big deal because you don’t know a lot about what this insulin hormone does. I’ll make that an assignment; read up on it, and you’ll know why no one likes to suffer from diabetes.

To keep a long story short, diabetes kills when it gets out of control or when it gets complicated. If you suffer from it, you want to do everything in your power to see that this does not happen. Everything in your power!

Insulin is the primary hormone in your body that helps your cells to absorb glucose for energy. When you don’t get enough insulin in your system, you cannot regulate your blood sugar. It becomes dangerous and can cause you illness and death. That illness is diabetes.

Sugar is good for your body because it is a good source of energy. Too much energy, however, is what became the nuclear bomb, which if blown goes out of proportion; and too much energy in your body is what often turn into fat, and then conditions like diabetes. Watch out for that.

When you suffer from diabetes, what happens is that you have allowed your glucose levels to build up in your blood and urine to an unfavorable limit. One of its most common symptoms is that you urinate too much. When that begins to happen, you want to get tested in a hurry.

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