You know, your food intake is critical once you know that you suffer from diabetes. Having eaten yourself into the medical condition, the time has come for you to eat yourself out of it. That, you get to do by sticking strictly to doctor’s medication and eating orders. No question.

Blood sugar control is what the physician is trying to do when they ask you to cut back on your sweet and high calorie foods. It is in your own best interest to cooperate with them all the way, afterall, it is your life they are trying to save.

Some doctors might find it difficult to explain to you, but I don’t think there should be a lot of trouble with that. You are being put on a new and strict diet because you have been discovered to suffer from diabetes. No, the diet does not heal you, but it keeps the condition from getting worse.

Certainly, taking on the new diabetes diet is not going to be easy. Already you are used to eating the dangerous way; it must have contributed to you having the disease in the first place. However, you do need to break those old habits and take on the new eating ones. I’m talking about your life here.

In a diabetes diet, you have got to be very meticulous about the portions that are given to you in the physician’s instructions. If they say you can only have carbohydrates once a day, you are going to have to keep it that way, no compromise.

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